About Feng Shui
The earth is making a powerful shift into the Age of Aquarius. Are you ready to receive the energy that is being offered to you?

Feng Shui is an ancient yet timeless technique that allows for the Heavenly energies to intermingle with the earth's. Used like a mirror for harmony and beauty in your everyday surroundings, Feng Shui increases your potential for wealth, health and prosperity by allowing the cosmic energy to flow freely through all aspects of your life.

Maryam Salami, Feng Shui Master
With over a decade of experience, Maryam Salami has studied with some of the most highly regarded masters in Western Feng Shui, such as H.H. grandmaster Lin Yun (Tantric Buddhist Master and Feng Shui Expert) and Master Ho Lynn Tu (Founder of World Wild Lin Yun Educational Feng Shui School). Drawing upon her years of study in Tibetan Buddhism and Kundalini Yoga, Maryam utilizes the most complimentary aspects of these disciplines to provide her clients with a unique experience while maximizing the most effective elements of each.